Theory in contemporary art since 1985 (paperback), 2nd Edition

Coordinators: Kocur Zoya, Leung Simon

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544 p. · 18.9x24.5 cm · Paperback
Since its initial publication in 2005, Theory in Contemporary Art has established itself as an indispensable resource for scholars of art theory. Featuring an updated theoretical framework and the addition of numerous writings reflecting the latest developments in the field, the Second Edition captures the vibrancy of the contemporary art scene and the role of critical theory within it. The volume combines core texts from the first edition with state-of-the-art theoretical writings, and juxtaposes non-Western viewpoints with those from mainstream art centers. This edition also assembles an dazzling array of academics, artists, curators, and critics to explore a range of new topics on the art theory agenda, including international biennials, historicizing of the term &ldquo,contemporary art&rdquo,, aesthetics, art and politics, feminism and pornography, ecology and art, the Middle East and conflict studies, Eastern European art and politics, gender and war, and technology.
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Part 1: The field of Contemporary Art

1. The Intellectual Field: a world apart
Pierre Bourdieu

2. When Form Has Become Attitude &ndash, And Beyond
Thierry de Duve

3. One Place After Another: Notes on Site Specificity
Miwon Kwon

4. Biennials without Borders
Chin-Tao Wu

5. Periodising Contemporary Art
Alexander Alberro

6. Contemporary Art and the Politics of Aesthetics
Jacques Ranciere

Part 2: Practices and Models/Rethinking Form and Medium

7. A Note on Gerhard Richter&rsquo,s October 18, 1977
Benjamin Buchloh

8. Notes on Surface: toward a genealogy of flatness
David Joselit

9. Informe Without Conclusion
Rosalind Krauss

10. Video Projection: The Space Between Screens
Liz Kotz

11. How to Provide an Artistic Service: An Introduction
Andrea Fraser

12. Conversation Pieces: The Role of Dialogue in Socially-Engaged Art
Grant Kester

13. Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics
Claire Bishop

Part 3: Culture/Identities/Political Agency

14. The War on Culture
Carole S. Vance

15. AIDS: Cultural Analysis/Cultural Activism
Douglas Crimp

16. Architecture of the Evicted
Rosalyn Deutsche

17. Gender is Burning: Questions of Appropriation and Subversion
Judith Butler

18. Looking for Trouble
Kobena Mercer

19. The Mythology of Difference: Vulgar Identity Politics at the Whitney
Charles A. Wright, Jr.

20. Haunted TV
Avital Ronell

21. Museum, Urban Detritus and Pornography
Beatriz Preciado

22. Cultural Workers as Organic Intellectuals
Chantal Mouffe

Part 4: Post-colonial Critiques

23. &ldquo,The Marco Polo Syndrome: Some Problems around Art and Eurocentrism
Gerardo Mosquer

24. In the &lsquo,Heart of Darkness&rsquo,
Olu Oguibe

25. The Syncretic Turn: Cross-Cultural Practices in the Age of Multiculturalism
Jean Fisher

26. Authenticity, Reflexivity & Spectacle: or, the rise of New Asia is not the End of the World
Lee Weng Choy

27. All-Owning Spectatorship
Trinh T. Minh-Ha

28. Ruins, Fragmentation, and the Chinese Modern/Postmodern
Wu Hung

Part 5: Art Subjects/Historical Subjects

29. Introduction to Re-Politicizing Art, Theory,...