Thinking (3rd Ed.)


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The Third Edition builds upon the previous edition to provide a comprehensive, coherent, and up-to-date introduction to the area of thought processes in normal human adults. The major topics covered are: thinking directed at solving well-defined problems, and less directed forms of thinking, such as daydreaming, and creative thinking. These topics are predominantly discussed from an information processing approach, which is currently dominant in cognitive psychology. Also included in this text are historical background, progress achieved within the information processing approach to thinking, and promising directions for future research.
Solving Puzzles.
Expertise 1: Adversary Problems.
Expertise 2: Non-Adversary Problems.
Deductive Reasoning 1: Categorical Syllogisms.
Deductive Reasoning 2: Propositional Reasoning.
Inductive Reasoning: Testing and Generating Hypotheses.
Decision Making.
Creative Processes.
Thinking: Theoretical Overview, Progress, and Prospects.
Author Index.
Subject Index.