Tools for success workbook, paperback, 3/e (3rd ed )

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Employers need and want technically trained workers. But of equal value in today's increasingly competitive industry are employees who have a good work ethic and are able to collaborate with team members, communicate clearly, solve problems, and deal with conflict in a positive and professional manner.

Tools for Success is designed specifically for employees in and entering the construction industry and has been reviewed and updated with input from construction and training professionals. This third edition includes more activities and examples and has been updated to reflect changes in the workplace as well as laws that affect workplace behavior.

Tools for Success gives trainees tips and practice on how to:

  • Find a job in the construction industry
  • Build a resume
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Develop a positive workplace attitude
  • Build a professional relationship with supervisors
  • Work effectively in teams
  • Get along with co-workers of varied cultures and backgrounds
  • Listen carefully and give clear spoken directions
  • Read and understand instructions and workplace documents and write clearly and effectively
  • Recognize and deal with workplace stress
  • Analyze and solve problems
  • Think critically
  • Resolve workplace conflicts in a professional manner
  • Give and receive constructive criticism
  • Recognize and deal with sexual harassment
  • Deal with drug and alcohol abuse

Tools for Success: Critical Skills for the Construction Industry

Instructor's Guide

Tools for Success Instructor's Guide includes an annotated instructor's outline, recommended teaching schedules, answers to quizzes, and tips and ideas for enhancing class activities. Also included are interviews with construction and training professionals who offer training tips and insights from their classroom experiences.

Module 1: First Impressions-Getting a Job

Module 2: Professionalism-Keeping you Job

Module 3: Building a Strong Relationship with Your Supervisor

Module 4: Teamwork-Getting Along with Your Co-Workers

Module: 5: Diversity in the Workplace

Module 6: Communication Skills-Listening and Speaking

Module 7: Communication Skills-Reading and Writing

Module 8: Managing Stress on the Job

Module 9: Thinking Critically and Solving Problems

Module 10: Resolving Conflict

Module 11: Giving and Receiving Criticism

Module 12: Sexual Harassment

Module 13: Substance Abuse