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This comprehensive book is designed to engage readers in a story of curriculum and to invite them too identify with and participate in this important book. It illustrates how changes in American society and culture correlate with the American filed of curriculum studies and curriculum work. KEY TOPICS: It contains five parts that focus on the United States, the first offers a backdrop for parts II-V, which present curriculum's journey through the last half of the 20th century. MARKET: For educators and school administrators, and those interested in curriculum development.
Part 1: CONTEXTUAL PANORAMA FOR CONTEMPORARY CURRICULUM WORK.: 1897-1946. 1. Prelude to Contemporary Curriculum Theory and Development. Part 2: THE RISE AND FALL OF CURRICULUM SPECIALISTS.: 1947-1960. 2. Curriculum Development at its Zenith. 3. Transfer by Eminent Domain. Part 3: RE-ESTABLISHING AGENCY AND AGENDAS.: 1961-1969. 4. Muted Heretics Endure, 1961-1964. 5. Transcending a Muddled Juncture, 1965-1969. Part 4: RE-SHAPING THE CONTEMPORARY CURRICULUM FIELD.: 1970-1983. 6. The Renaissance Blossoms. 7. From Chorus to Cacophony. Part 5: THE UNCERTAINTIES OF CONTEMPORARY CURRICULUM WORK.: 1984 to Lately. 8. Implosion and Consolidation. 9. Imagining the Post-Millennial Curriculum Field. Afterword: The Age of Pluralism by Wilma Longstreet. Bibliography. Index.