Understanding and evaluating educational research (4th ed )


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For courses in Research Methods in Education.

Understanding and Evaluating Research, third edition, is a supplemental textbook appropriate for all courses in educational research.  A reader, this text contains quantitative and qualitative educational research articles from a variety of professional journals.  With each article is a sample article analysis and exercises that help students become better consumers of research.  The third edition is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of a new chapter on 'Mixed Method Designs' and two mixed-method studies, revised and expanded discussion of qualitative methods, more emphasis given to randomized designs, revision of research typology, and features eight new articles.

Chapter 1  Introduction to Reading Educational Research

Chapter 2  Quantitative Nonexperimental Designs

Chapter 3  Experimental Designs

Chapter 4  Qualitative Designs

Chapter 5  "Mixed-Method" Designs

Chapter 6  Action/Practitioner Research