Understanding ekgs (3rd ed )


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The Third Edition of Beasley's Understanding EKGs: A Practical Approach retains the popular 5-step approach to EKG interpretation and straightforward presentation of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology. It is a perfect for the courses in EMS, nursing, cardiovascular emergencies, and monitor tech training. This new edition contains more than 300 review questions as well as review strips at the end of each chapter to allow for learning reinforcement. New to this edition are Key Points to Remember and a Heart Rate Calculator, which together emphasize and expand upon core material in the text. Assuming no prior EKG knowledge, this Third Edition remains an ideal resource for EKG interpretation in it simplest and most understandable context.



CHAPTER 1: The Anatomy of Heart: Structure

CHAPTER 2: Cardiovascular Physiology: Function

CHAPTER 3: Basic Electrophysiology

CHAPTER 4: The Electrical Conduction System

CHAPTER 5: The Electrocardiogram

CHAPTER 6: Interpretation of an EKG Strip

CHAPTER 7: Introducing the Sinus Rhythms

CHAPTER 8: Introducing the Atrial Rhythms

CHAPTER 9: Introducing the Junctional Rhythms

CHAPTER 10: Introducing the Ventricular Rhythms

CHAPTER 11: Introducing the Heart Block Rhythms

CHAPTER 12: Introducing the Pacemaker Rhythms

CHAPTER 13: Assessment and Treatment of the Patient with Cardiac Emergencies

CHAPTER 14: More Review Questions

CHAPTER 15: Review EKG Strips

Appendix I: Answers to Review Questions: Chapters 1-14

Appendix 2: Answers to Review Strips