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1. The Role of Research in Public Relations.
2. Using Research to Plan Programs.
3. Using Research to Monitor Programs.
4. Using Research to Evaluate Programs.


5. Designing the Research.
6. Sampling the Populations.
7. Making the Observations.
8. Taking the Measurements.


9. Compiling and Organizing Data.
10. Describing the Findings.
11. Testing Relationships.
12. Testing for Causation and Change.


13. Interpreting and Reporting the Findings.
14. Using the Findings for Organizational Change.
Professional Ethics and Practices.
How to Select and Monitor Outside Research Consultants.
How to Conduct a Focus Group Study.
How to Construct Questionnaires.
How to Select Sample Size for Statistical Power.
How to Construct Samples for Random Digit Dialing.
How to Use a Table of Random Numbers.
How to Compute Completion, Response, Refusal, and Noncontact Rates.
How to Compute the Chi-Square Statistic.
How to Use a Table of Critical Chi-Square Values.
How to Interpret Contingency Tables.
Glossary of Research Terms.