Using technology in k-8 literacy classrooms


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This practical book is designed to equip K-8 teachers with an array of computer tools they can use to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking in their classrooms. A direct and efficient writing style will make it a frequently used reference. The book focuses on the major concerns that teachers face when integrating computer technology into the classroom and provides realistic suggestions and lessons that can be easily implemented. KEY TOPICS: Coverage includes important information on how to become a facilitator who helps students use technology, how the Internet can enhance students literacy education, and how to help students write and publish their work. An ideal resource for all teachers who are interested in improving their instruction with technology.
1. Teaching Literacy Using Computers.
2. Teacher as Facilitator in the Electronic Classroom.
3. Using the Internet to Teach Literacy.
4. Using Additional Electronic Tools to Teach Literacy.
5. The Writing Process, Computers, and Your Classroom.
6. Using Electronic Technology to Publish Students Writing.
7. Working with Special Education and ESL Students.
  • Major issues presented in a concise format Enabling teachers to quickly grasp significant issues.
    • Direct and efficient writing style contributes toward frequent use of this book as a reference.
  • Chapters structured to open with a scenario that dramatizes their topic A classroom Snapshot provides an actual teaching situation in which a real teacher dealt with the topic in the classroom and a reflective discussion of the topic.
    • The Snapshot feature illustrates the the relevant significance of topics in an applied manner, and, as a result, makes the content more readily transportable into practice.
  • Teachers are shown how they can use technology to work with ESL and special education students.
    • Teachers are provided with us