Using Z : specification, refinement, and proof (paper)


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400 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Paperback
This book contains enough mnaterial for three complete courses of study. It provides an introduction to the world of logic, sets and relations. It explains the use of the Znotation in the specification of realistic systems. It shows how Z specifications may be refined to produce executable code, this is demonstrated in a selection of case studies. The essentials of specification, refinement and proof are covered, revealing techniques never previously published.
  1. Introduction.
  2. Propositional Logic.
  3. Predicate Logic.
  4. Equality and Definite Description.
  5. Sets.
  6. Definitions.
  7. Relations.
  8. Functions.
  9. Sequences.
  10. Free Types.
  11. Schemas Schema Operators.
  12. Promotion, Preconditons.
  13. Data Refinement.
  14. Relaxing and Unwinding Data Refinement and Z.
  15. Applications of Data Refinement.
  16. The Refinement Calculus.
  17. A File System.
  18. A Telecommunications Protocol.
  19. An Operating System Scheduler: A Bounded Buffer Module.
  20. An Unordered Set Module.
  21. A Save Area.
  22. Solutions to Exercises.
  23. Appendices.
  24. Bibliography.
  25. Index.