Victimology (3rd ed )


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384 p. · 17.8x23.2 cm · Paperback

1. Introduction and History of Victimology

2. Measurement of Crime and Its Effects

3. The Consequences of Victimization

4. Empowering Victims

5. Homicide Victims

6. Females as Victims

7. Intimate Partner Abuse

8. Child Victims

9. Elder Victims

10. Hate Crimes

11. Special Victim Populations

12. An Overview of the Criminal Justice System

13. Civil Court Proceedings and Victims

14. Negligence and Intentional Torts

15. Constitutional and Civil Rights of Victims

16. Compensation and Restitution of Victims

17. Victim Impact Statements

18. International Aspects of Victimology

Epilogue: Broad Themes

Appendix: Critical Dates in the Victims' Rights Movement

Appendix: Victimology Related Web Sites