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Introduction. 1. Art and Spirituality. The Sacred Mountain in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Aegean, Vincent Scully.Images of Gods, Albert Elsen. Envisioning and (Re)presenting the Spirit World, Rosalind Part 1: J.. Hackett. 2. Art Patronage. The Mechanics of Seventeenth-Century Patronage, Francis Haskell. A Matter of Taste: The Monumental and Exotic in the Qianlong Reign, Harold Kahn. Women and the Avant-Garde, Kathleen D. McCarthy. 3. Art and Politics. Art and Freedom in Quattrocento Florence, Frederick Hartt. Iconography of Napoleon, Albert Boime. Propaganda in the Communist State, Toby Clark. Can Political Passion Inspire Great Art?, Michael Brenson. 4. Public Art. The Public Realm, Spiro Kostoff. New Deal for Public Art, Marlene Park, Gerald Markowitz. Memorializing the Unspeakable Public Monuments and Collective Grieving, Carole Gold Calo. The Persistence of Controversy: Patronage and Politics, Harriet Senie. 5. Issues Concerning Race and Ethnicity. Inventing "the Indian," Julie Schimmel. Introduction to Harlem Renaissance: Art of Black America, Mary Schmidt Campbell. Naming, Lucy R. Lippard. 6. Art and Gender. The Female Nude: Surfaces of Desire, andThe Male Nude: Identity and Denial, Richard Leppert. Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity, Griselda Pollock. An Infinite Play of Empty Mirrors: Women, Surrealism, and Self-Representation, Whitney Chadwick. The Masculine Masquerade: Masculinity Represented in Recent Art, Helaine Posner. 7. Art, Science, and Technology. Leonardo da Vinci: Art in Science, James Ackerman. Psychoanalysis I: Freud, Laurie Schneider Adams. The Electronic Era and Postmodernism, Margot Lovejoy. Environment, Audience, and Public Art in the New World (Order), Mara Adamitz Scrupe.