Water resources environmental planning, management and development


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This state-of-the-art reference offers water resource and environmental professionals international coverage of water quality management and environmental issues, including the environmental impact of water development. Featuring contributions by experts from nine countries, this book presents the latest concepts and data on waterlogging and salinity, sedimentation, land use, eutrophication, fisheries, and aquatic weeds. Readers will also get information on social impacts, economic instruments, initiating environmentally responsible projects, water quality modeling and monitoring, water reuse, and more.
Water Development and Environment. Land Use, Erosion, and Water Resources. Sedimentation. Waterlogging and Salinity. Groundwater and the Environment. Water-Quality Monitoring. Water-Quality Prediction and Management. Eutrophication. Wastewater Reuse. Inland Fisheries. Aquatic Weeds. Institutional Priciples for Sound Management of Water and Related Environmental Resources. Economic Mechanisms for Managing Water Resources: Pricing, Permits, and Markets. Social Impacts. Resettlement.