When Life is Linear
From Computer Graphics to Bracketology

Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library Series


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From simulating complex phenomenon on supercomputers to storing information for modern 3D printing, the mathematics of data is a huge part of our world. A major tool to manipulate and study such data is linear algebra. This book introduces concepts of matrix algebra with an emphasis on applications, particularly in the fields of computer graphics and data mining. Readers will learn to make an image transparent, compress an image, and rotate a 3D wireframe model. In data mining, readers will use linear algebra to read zip codes on envelopes and encrypt sensitive information. The book details methods behind web search, utilized by such companies as Google, and algorithms for sports ranking, which have been applied to creating brackets for March Madness and predict outcomes in FIFA World Cup football. With a strong visual approach, the book can serve as a resource on its own or as a supplement to a course on linear algebra.
Preface; 1. X marks the spot; 2. Entering the matrices; 3. Sum matrices; 4. Fitting the norm; 5. Go forth and multiply; 6. It's elementary, my dear Watson; 7. Math to the max; 8. Stretch and shrink; 9. Zombie math-decomposing; 10. What are the chances?; 11. Mining for meaning; 12. Who's number 1?; 13. End of the line.
Tim Chartier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College.