Windfall: managing sudden wealth so it doesn't manage you


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304 p. · Paperback

Between rising housing prices and the long bull stock market, inheriting an estate of several hundred thousand dollars, or even $1 million, is no longer terribly unusual. Windfall: Managing Sudden Wealth So It Doesn't Manage You is a practical guide to making the most of inheritances and other significant windfalls. While being in charge of a great deal of money is a wonderful thing, there's often a real emotional conflict. It can be hard to decide what's right for you.


1.Will Money Make You Happy?

2.Heir Apparent.

3.Estate Planning: The Next Step.

4.Moving Forward: Handling the Legacy.

5.Coping with Your Reaction.

6.Stock Incentive Plans.

7.401(k) Plans.

8.Other Windfall Events.

9.Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

10.Interest-Bearing Investments: The Beauty of Boring.

11.Stocks: Pumping Up Performance.

12.The Investment Menu.

13.Putting It All Together: Your Game Plan.

14.Tackling Taxes.

15.The Greater Good.

16.Family, Friends, and You.

Appendix: More From the Answer Desk.