Women's health (5th ed ) (5th Ed.)

Coordinators: Waller Deborah, McPherson Ann

Language: Anglais
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640 p. · 15.7x23.4 cm · Paperback
This practical handbook is aimed primarily at GPs and covers all aspects of women's health care. It covers areas not normally included in standard gynaecology textbooks - the common ailments that women take to the GP as well as more serious problems. The book is very readable with a section in each chapter on the questions patients commonly ask (and the answers).
1: Ann McPherson and Deborah Waller: Women's health - an overview, 2: Margaret Rees: Menstrual problems, 3: Fiona Blake: Premenstrual syndrome, 4: Elizabeth Barrett-Connor: The menopause, 5: John Guillebaud: Contraception, 6: Liz Davidson and Joanne Reeve: Unwanted pregnancy and abortion, 7: Gill Lockwood: Infertility and early pregnancy loss, 8: Sally Hope and Ian Bowler: Cystitis, 9: Ranee Thakar, Stuart Stanton and Judy Kane: Urinary incontinence, 10: Pippa Oakeshott: Vaginal discharge and sexually transmitted infections, 11: Lois Eva: Vulval disorders, 12: Stephen Kennedy and Jane Moor: Chronic pelvic pain, 13: Danielle Power and Jane Maher: Breast disorders, 14: Clare Bankhead and Joan Austoker: Women's cancer screening: cervical, breast and ovarian screening, 15: Anneke Lucassen and Eila Watson: Familial cancers and women's health, 16: Deborah Waller and Christopher Fairburn: Eating disorders, 17: Margaret Denman: Sexual problems, 18: Iona Heath: Domestic violence, 19: Sandra Nicholson and Yvonne Carter: Promoting the health of women in primary care, 20: Christine A'Court, Chi Keong Ong and Jacqueline Wootton: Complementary medicine and Women's health
  • New edition of award winning title
  • Extensive coverage of HRT debate
  • New chapters on familial cancers, vulval disorders and domestic violence
  • Fully updated and revised