WOW! Resumes for administrative careers: how to put together a winning resume


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210 p. · 28x21.3 cm · Paperback
The first and only resume-writing handbook designed expressly for secretaries and other office workers, this savvy guide shows you how to use leading-edge strategies to sell yuor special skills, talents, and achievements in a polished, powerful resume that will dazzle employers. Best of all, you'll learn how to beat the competition with a trageted resume that zeroes in on a prospective employer's exact needs. Loaded with precise details, samples, and examples, it reveals how to hook an employer's interest in the first few lines, enhance all job descriptions with powerful, professional wording, transform even menial job tasks into impressive information, discover and showcase skills and achievements you never even knew you had, customize your resume to specific job positions, write a dynamite cover letter, and much more.
Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction how to make your resume stand out from all the rest. Basic resume format fundamentals you need to get started. The introductory sections hook an employer in the first few lines of your resume. Job History give yours an incredible professional polish. Education and training how to present yours best. Technical skills and special abilities dazzle an employer with a showcase of your skills. The end sections hang in there, you're almost done. New grads, career changers, and all types of special situations how to conquer your resume problems and beat the competition. From mediocre to magnificent sixteen sample resumes transformed. Preparing the final draft. The cover letter preparing your dynamite resume companion. Simply divine and ready to go what to do with your resume package. Conclusion updating your resume now and in the future. Appendix your guide to professional associations. Index.