Writing talk (5th ed )


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* Every Unit ends with Unit Test, Unit Talk-Write Assignment, Unit Collaborative Assignment, Unit Writing Assignment, & Photo Writing Assignment for this reason it is only listed once in Unit 1

UNIT 1: The ESL Student and the Native Speaker

Differences Between a Native and an ESL Student

A General Note to Both the Native Speaker and ESL Student

  • Unit Test
  • Unit Talk-Write Assignment
  • Unit Collaborative Assignment
  • Unit Writing Assignment
  • Photo Writing Assignment

UNIT 2: Myths About Writing

Myths About Writing

Standard English

UNIT 3: Purpose and Audience



Computer Writing Assignment

UNIT 4: Gathering Ideas

Talking Writing




Journal Writing


Unit 5 The Sentence

Subject and Verb

Prepositional Phrases

Action Verbs and Linking Verbs

Helping Verbs


Compound Subjects and Verbs

Unit 6: Building Sentences

Dependent and Independent Clauses

Three Basic Sentence Types

The Statement, the Question, the Command, the Exclamation

Sentence Variety

Unit 7: The 20 Most Common Sentence Errors

Error No. 1 Sentence Fragments

Error No. 2 Run-On Sentences

Error No. 3 Lack of Subject-Verb Agreement

Error No. 4 Incorrect Verb Forms

Error No. 5 Incorrect Forms of Do, Be, and Have

Error No. 6 Passive Voice

Error No. 7 Shift in Tense

Error No. 8 Shift in Point of View

Error No. 9 Unclear or Missing Referent

Error No. 10 Lack of Pronoun Agreement and Sexism

Error No. 11 Trouble with Using Adverbs and Adjectives in Comparisons and Superlatives

Error No. 12 Dangling or Misplaced Modifiers

Error No. 13 Omitted Commas, Part I

Error No. 14 Omitted Commas, Part II

Error No. 15 Apostrophe Problems

Error No. 16 Trouble with Quotation Marks...