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The book is based on the principle that English lessons form an integral part of a young learner's whole education, and that the teacher has a wider responsibility than the simple teaching of the language system. Practical ideas are provided for a wide variety of language practice activities, including art and crafts, drama, games, storytelling and songs. There are helpful hints for teachers new to young learners (age 6-12 years).
Note: A full contents list at the front of the book provides a complete list of the activities, the suggested level and age-group for each activity, and an approximate guide to the time an activity will take. The summary below aims to give a general idea of the book's organization.alt,br /agt,. The author and series editor. Foreword. Introduction. How to use this book. 1. Listening (8 activities). 2. Speaking (7 activities). 3. Reading (7 activities). 4. Writing (6 activities). 5. Vocabulary and grammar (8 activities). 6. Games (9 activities). 7. Songs and chants (3 activities). 8. Creative activities (10 activities). 9. Video (5 activities). 10. Putting it all togetheralt,br /agt,. Classroom management. Lesson content. Lesson planning. Photocopiable worksheets. Further reading. Index.