Handbook on Injectable Drugs (20th Ed.)
ASHP's Guide to IV Compatibility and Stability

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Backed by peer-reviewed and published literature, the Handbook on Injectable Drugs has been one of pharmacy's most trusted resources for more than four decades. Authored under the editorial authority of AHFS Drug Information and published by ASHP, it's the global gold standard for IV compatibility and stability information. The 20th Edition of the industry's go-to guide is newly updated with the latest information, the full list of the AHFS' Pharmacologic-Therapeutic Classification system, 27 new monographs, and more than 275 new references.

The new edition of ASHP's Handbook on Injectable Drugs features more than 380 monographs, including : Carbamazepine ; Delafloxacin meglumine ; Meropenem-vaborbactam ; Angiotensin II acetate ; Daunorubicin-cytarabine liposomal ; Rolapitant hydrochloride ; Trabectedin ; Letermovir ; and many more ! With over 40 years of precise and accurate detail, nothing else comes close for providing information on compatibility, stability, storage, and preparation of parenteral drugs.

ASHP's Handbook on Injectable Drugs also is available in an interactive format. The Interactive Handbook includes continuously updated information, featuring custom views for on-the-fly compatibility matrices, suitable for patient-care decisions at the bedside ; timely MedWatch alerts ; and the integration of ASHP's Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs, updated now to the sixth edition. The interactive version is available online or as an app for iOS and Android devices, ensuring you have access to IV compatibility and stability information wherever you go.