Methods for Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals, 1st ed. 2018
Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology Series

Coordinators: Bajaj Sanjay, Singh Saranjit

Language: Anglais

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Methods for Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals
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358 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Paperback

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Methods for Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals
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362 p. · 17.8x25.4 cm · Hardback
This detailed volume collects numerous methods and protocols related to different aspects of stability programs that are followed in pharmaceutical development laboratories. Implementation of a successful stability program, vital in preventing product failures and recalls, requires critical and logical thinking that goes beyond the regular documented protocols and methods, so the experiences of the book?s internationally-based expert contributors fill the chapters with practical guidance. As a volume in the Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology series, this book presents the kind of real-world advice that is essential for advancing laboratory research. 

Authoritative and thorough, Methods for Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals serves as a valuable addition to the existing armamentarium of resources available to stability testing personnel in research and industry.

1. Regulatory Guidelines on Stability Testing and Trending of Requirements

            Dilip Kumar Singh, Saranjit Singh, and Sanjay Bajaj

2. The Stability Dossier: Common Deficiencies and Ways to Improve

            Paul Marshall

3. In Silico Drug Degradation Prediction

            Mohammed A. Ali, Rachel Hemingway, and Martin A. Ott

4. Forced Degradation and Long-Term Stability Testing for Oral Drug Products: A Practical Approach

            Markus Zimmer

5. A Model Approach for Developing Stability-Indicating Analytical Methods

            Peter Persich, Mario Hellings, Shalu Jhajra, Pradeep Phalke, and Koen Vanhoutte

6. Protocols for Characterization of Degradation Products with Special Emphasis on Mutagenic Degradation Impurities

            Steven Hostyn, Peter Persich, Shalu Jhajra, and Koen Vanhoutte

7. Stability Studies: Facility and Systems

            Ashish Gogia and Sumathi V. Rao

8. User Requirements & Implementation of a Risk-Based, Compliant Stability Management System Based on the FDA New Guidance on DATA Integrity

            Susan Cleary, Parsa Famili, and Pedro Jorge

9. Stability Considerations in the Life Cycle of Generic Products

            Sanjay Bajaj, Srinivasan Rajamani, and Mona Gogia

10. Predictive Stability Testing Utilizing Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP) Studies

            Helen Williams

11. Statistical Methods and Approaches to Avoid Stability Failures of Drug Product During Shelf-Life

            Suresh Kumar BV, Priyanka Kulshrestha, and Sandeep Shiromani

12. Estimation of Stability Based on Monitoring of Shipment and Storage

            Manuel Zahn

13. Stability Testing Parameters and Issues for Nanotechnology-Based Drug Products

            Kamla Pathak and Satyanarayan Pattnaik

14. Stability Testing Issues and Test Parameters for Herbal Medicinal Products

            Gulshan Bansal, Jasmeen Kaur, Nancy Suthar, Sarabjeet Kaur, and Rahul Singh Negi

15. Stability Testing Considerations for Biologicals and Biotechnology Products

            Christine P. Chan

Features contributions from labs around to globe to ensure thorough coverage of a wide variety of successful stability programs

Contains key implementation advice from the experts

Provides the kind of practical details necessary for lab implementation