Electrodynamics and Optics, 1st ed. 2019
Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics Series


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952 p. · 21x27.9 cm · Hardback

This engaging text offers an accessible and clear treatment of the fundamentals of electromagnetics and optics, a core part of the standard undergraduate physics curriculum.  Starting with static electric and magnetic fields, the book works through electromagnetic oscillations and the formation and propagation of electromagnetic waves, before moving on to geometric and wave optics, optical instrumentation and some discussion of new technologies in optics.  The text is written from the experimental physics point of view, giving numerous real life examples and applications of devices. This highly motivating presentation deepens the knowledge in a very accessible way, carefully interweaving theory and practical applications.

Students are guided through the material with well-chosen examples and case studies, and helpful chapter summaries are provided together with numerous exercises and detailed solutions, all intended to motivate and develop a well-founded understanding of the subject matter.


Introduction.- Electrostatics.- Electrodynamics - Electric Current.- Magnetostatics.- Electromagnetic Induction.- Electromagnetics in Real Life Applications.- Electromagnetic Waves.- Electromagnetic Fields in Vacuum.- Electromagnetic Fields in Matter.- Geometrical Optics.- Interference, Diffraction, Scattering.- Optical Instruments.- New Technologies in Optics.- Solutions.- Appendix.- Index.   
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Demtröder worked as research associate in the US and at University Freiburg. He is professor emeritus at University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. His research focuses on laser spectroscopy and molecular physics. His textbooks on laser spectroscopy and on experimental physics are considered classics in the respective fields.

Offers a concise and accessible introduction to electromagnetics and optics 

Focusses on real life applications and transfer of theoretical knowledge to practical developments 

Supported throughout with case studies, worked examples and problems with detailed solutions