Fluid flow : a first course in fluid mechanics, 4th ed 1998


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640 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
This text offers a clear insight into the field of fluid mechanics, taking an approach toward analyzing fluid flows that develops each subject from the theory of its basic laws to the illustration of actual engineering applications. The Fourth Edition features the most up-to-date applications of essential concepts as well as new coverage of the latest topics in the field today.
1. Introduction.
2. The Basic Equations.
3. The Bernoulli Equation.
4. Momentum Theorems.
5. Similitude.
6. Elements of Potential Flow.
7. Analysis of Flow in Pipes and Channels.
8. Flow over External Surfaces.
9. Compressible Fluids - One-Dimensional Flow.
10. Elements of Two-Dimensional Gas Dynamics.
11. Flow in Open Channels.
12. Turbomachines.
13. Some Design Aspects of Turbomachines.
  • NEW-Reaches beyond basic concepts to offer optional explorations of more specialized aspects of fluid mechanics. Features a totally new section on water hammer and the method of characteristics. Includes a new section on acoustics with specific applications to noise control.
  • NEW-Expands discussion of flow and the measurement of flow in conduits.
  • NEW-Elaborates on the topic of fluid statics and stability of floating bodies.
  • NEW-Guides readers through 20 new worked-out examples that illustrate and apply topics under discussion.
  • NEW-Includes over 50 new problems designed to reinforce students' understanding of essential concepts.