Fundamentals of hydraulic engineering systems (4th Ed.)


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Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems, Fourth Edition is a very useful reference for practicing engineers who want to review basic principles and their applications in hydraulic engineering systems. This fundamental treatment of engineering hydraulics balances theory with practical design solutions to common engineering problems. The author examines the most common topics in hydraulics, including hydrostatics, pipe flow, pipelines, pipe networks, pumps, open channel flow, hydraulic structures, water measurement devices, and hydraulic similitude and model studies. Chapters dedicated to groundwater, deterministic hydrology, and statistical hydrology make this text ideal for courses designed to cover hydraulics and hydrology in one semester.

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1. Fundamentals Properties of Water.

2. Water Pressure and Pressure Forces.

3. Water Flow in Pipes.

4. Pipelines and Pipe Networks.

5. Water Pumps.

6. Water Flow in Open Channels.

7. Ground Water Hydraulics.

8. Hydraulic Structures.

9. Water Measurements.

10. Hydraulic Similitude and Model Studies.

11. Hydrology for Design.

Appendix A. Graphical Flow Nets: Electric Analog and Numerical Analysis.

Appendix B. Solution Charts (Nomographs)


Answers to Selected Problems.