Optical Holography-Materials, Theory and Applications

Coordinator: Blanche Pierre

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Optical Holography-Materials, Theory and Applications provides researchers the fundamentals of holography through diffraction optics and an overview of the most relevant materials and applications from computer holograms to holographic data storage. Dr. Pierre Blanche leads a team of thought leaders in academia and industry in this practical reference for researchers and engineers in the field of holography. Holography presents all the information readers need in order to understand how holographic techniques could be applied to a variety of applications, the benefits of those techniques, and the materials that enable these technologies. Optical Holography-Materials, Theory and Applications empowers researchers and engineers by providing them with the knowledge to select the best holographic techniques that suits their needs.

  • Covers current applications of holographic techniques in areas such as 3D Television, solar concentration, non-destructive testing, and data storage
  • Describes holographic recording materials and their most relevant applications
  • Provides fundamentals of holography and diffraction optics
1. Introduction
2. Materials
3. Computer Generated Holograms
4. Holographic Television
5. Digital Holography
6. Holographic Interferometry: From History to Modern Applications
7. Sensor
8. Security
Professor Blanche received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Liege (Belgium) in 1999 in the field of non-linear optics and holography. He then held a post-doctoral position at the University of Arizona where he developed new refreshable holographic recording materials called photorefractive polymers. Back in Belgium, he co-founded a company manufacturing large volume phase gratings for the optics industry, astronomers, and space applications. Professor Blanche returned to the University of Arizona in 2005 where he is currently a Research Professor. Professor Blanche has more than 50 publications in high ranking scientific journals, has participated to more than 50 international conferences, is author of 12 books or book chapters, and has been granted 6 patents (3 pending). His fields of interest are diffraction optics, holography, 3D and see through displays (AR/HUD), as well as non-linear and photonic materials.