Physics for utterly confused (paper)


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208 p. · 23.5x19 cm · Paperback
An accessible approach to the complex subject of physics. Its logical, friendly, step-by-step guide to non-calculus college-level physics courses is suitable for non-physics, non-engineering students. Over 200 problems - likely to appear in tests - are included, with solutions and explanations.
Mathematical Background. Vectors. Motion in One Dimension. Motion in Two Dimensions. Forces. Unifrom Circular Motion. Work and Energy. Momentum Analysis. Rotational Motion. Rotational Dynamics. Simple Harmonic Motion. Fluids. Temperature and Calorimetry. Kinetics and the Gas Laws. Thermodynamics. Mechanical Waves. Sound. Electric Forces and Electric Fields. Electric Potential. Electric Circuits. Magnetic Forces and Magnetic Fields. Magnetic Forces. Electromagnetic Induction. Alternating Current Circuits. Electromagnetic Waves. Reflection, Refraction and Polarization. Lenses. The Wave Nature of Light and Interference. Special Relativity. Particles and Waves. The Atom. Radioactivity.