Quantum Physics, Mini Black Holes and the Multiverse, 1st ed. 2018
Debunking Common Misconceptions in Theoretical Physics

Multiversal Journeys Series


Coordinator: Nekoogar Farzad

Language: Anglais
Quantum Physics, Mini Black Holes, and the Multiverse
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212 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Paperback

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Quantum Physics, Mini Black Holes and the Multiverse
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212 p. · 21x27.9 cm · Hardback
This book explores, explains and debunks some common misconceptions about quantum physics, particle physics, space-time, and Multiverse cosmology. It seeks to separate science from pseudoscience.

The material is presented in layperson-friendly language, followed by additional technical sections which explain basic equations and principles. This feature is very attractive to non-expert readers who nevertheless seek a deeper understanding of the theories, and wish to explore beyond just the basic description.



Chapter 1       Misconceptions about Space-Time and Particle Physics

1.1       Introduction

1.2       Particles are little balls

1.3       Atoms are tiny Solar Systems

1.4       Seeing atoms requires a really big optical microscope

1.5       Collider spawns planet devouring black hole

1.6       God particle could wipe out the Universe

1.7       LHC could prove existence of parallel Universe

1.8       Scientists raise concerns about cell-phones

1.9       The cold fusion race just heated up

1.10      Spinach: a cautionary tale

1.11      Extra material: The equations behind the words

1.12     Summary


Chapter 2       Misconceptions in Quantum Physics

2.1       Introduction

                        What the experts say

                        Why quantum physics is weird

                        What is the real role of science?

2.2       Wave Particle Duality

2.3       Quantum Probability Waves

2.4       Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

2.5       Double Slit Experiment

                        Single slit experiment (classical)

                        Single slit experiment (quantum)

                        Double slit experiment (classical)

                        Double slit experiment (quantum)

2.6       Wavefunction Revisited

                        Many particle wavefunctions

                        Wavefunction measurement (quantum tomography, weak measurement)

                        Collapse and Schrödinger’s cat

2.7       Nonlocality

                        Hidden variables

                        Bell’s theorem

                        EPR experiment as a quantum coin toss game

2.8       Interpretations of Quantum Physics

2.9       Popular Depictions of Quantum Physics

2.10     Summary


Chapter 3       Misconceptions in Cosmology

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Our Universe

3.3       The Multiverse

3.3       Future Progress (Observations & Theoretical)

3.4       Summary



About the Authors

Seeks to clarify some common public misconceptions about particle physics, quantum physics, and cosmology - Uses non-technical language to address each topic, yet includes sections with sufficient technical depth for the interested reader - Written by leading experts in the fields of theoretical physics and cosmology, currently active in research