Oil Spill Studies
Healing the Ocean, Biomarking and the Law

Coordinator: Muttin Frederic

Language: Anglais

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As given by the book proposed title, the topic addressed, healing of the Ocean, starts by the containment of the pollution by physical defenses. The first two chapters describes the feedback on seven experiments made on the East Atlantic Ocean. The 1st chapter concerns semi-open sites and the second open environment directly linked to the Ocean. The discussion continues with the measurement of the toxicity coming from a Harbor Marina and affecting the biodiversity. The question addressed is to give a methodology to quantify biological contamination coming from Heavy metal releases into the environment. The chapter 4 gives the state of the art in the science of a mid-depth living fish species affected by the treatment of oil pollution by chemical dispersion. In a similar way, the chapter 5 addresses new explored and exploited ocean with extreme environments such as arctic and deep sea. Finally, the last chapter 6 is an analysis from a lawyer. A massive ocean contamination needs to be discussed at all time in a Court of Law.

  • Talks about the healing of the ocean through the containment of the population by physical defenses
  • Describes the seven experiments conducted on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Provides a methodology to quantify biological contamination
  • Presents a species of fish affected by the treatment of oil pollution by chemical dispersion
  • Address the oceans explored and exploited with extreme environments such as the Arctic and the deep seabed
1. Oil Spill Containment in Semi-open Areas:Experiments in French Atlantic and Alpine Waters
Frédéric MUTTIN and Rose CAMPBELL
2. Oil Spill Containment in Open Areas: Four Atlantic and Mediterranean Experiments
Frédéric MUTTIN and Rose CAMPBELL
3. Polymetallic Pollution in Sentinel Bivalves Across a Semi-open Area: La Rochelle Harbor, France
4. Oil Spill Dispersant Use:Toxicity on Marine Teleost Fish
5. Extreme Environments: The New Exploration/Production Oil Area Problem
Matthieu DUSSAUZE, Stéphane LE FLOCH and Florian LELCHAT
6. Law Review on Accidental Marine Pollution
Yann RABUTEAU and Frédéric MUTTIN
Frédéric Muttin is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Engineering School EIGSI in La Rochelle, France and Casablanca, Morocco. His research focuses on statistical analyses and numerical modeling dedicated to coastal protection facing chronic and accidental marine pollutions.