Second language acquisition
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Designed for both students and teachers, this book informs the reader about current thinking and acts as a guide to further enquiry. It is intended for students and teachers of English as a foreign language and English as a second language.
Preface. Section 1. Survey. 1. L2 acquisition. What is 'second language acquisition'?. What are the goals of SLA?. 2. The nature of learner language. Errors and error analysis. Developmental patterns. Variability in learner language. Summary. 3. Interlanguage. Behaviourist learning theory. A mentalist theory of language learning. What is 'interlanguage'?. A computational model of L2 acquisition. 4. Social aspects of interlanguage. Interlanguage as a stylistic continuum. The acculturation model of L2 acquisition. Social identity and investment in L2 learning. 5. Discourse aspects of interlanguage. Acquiring discourse rules. The role of input and interaction in L2 acquisition. The role of output in L2 acquisition. Summary. 6. Psycholinguistic aspects of interlanguage. L1 transfer. The role of consciousness in L2 acquisition. Processing operations. Communication strategies. Two types of computational model. 7. Linguistic aspects of interlanguage. Typological universals: relative clauses. Universal Grammar. Learnability. The critical period hypothesis. Access to UG. Markedness. Cognitive versus linguistic explanations. 8. Individual differences in L2 acquisition. Language aptitude. Motivation. Learning strategies. 9. Instruction and L2 acquisition. Form-focused instruction. Learner-instruction matching. Strategy training. Summary. 10. Conclusion: multiple perspectives in SLA. Section 2. Readings. Section 3. References. Section 4. Glossary.