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1744 p. · 19x25 cm · Hardback

Selected by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other leading newspapers as their official dictionary of choice.

Up to Date Entries for Today's World

Nearly 7,500 new entries bring meaning and understanding to changes in lifestyles, technology, medicine, society, world politics and cultures, and more.

Over 850 Illustrations, Photographs, and Maps

Important people, places, objects, and concepts are clearly illustrated to help you recognize and identify them.

Expanded Reference Information with a Four Color World Atlas

Numerous tables, charts, and lists provide a handy reference to geographical and other useful data. Special sections also include important historical documents, a guide to punctuation, and full color maps of the world.

Thousands of Geographical and Biographical Entries

The people and places that shape our worldview are fully covered. Entries are part of the A Z body of the dictionary, so they are easy to find. Many entries include maps or photographs.

Helpful Notes, Examples, and Synonyms

To help you choose words precisely, usage notes give important cautions and explanations. Examples put words into meaningful context. Synonym notes list related words and distinguish among their meanings.

Easy to Read and Use

Each page is designed so you don't have to work to find the information you want.

The Definitive Guide to American English

Webster's New World College Dictionary includes more unique Americanisms - more than 12,000 - than any other college dictionary. Its crisp, dynamic defining style is itself uniquely American.

Dictionary of Staff.

Consultants and Contributing Editors.


Guide to Dictionary.

Guide to Pronunciation.

Dictionaries of English (Sidney I. Landau).

Webster's New World College Dictionary

World Atlas.


Rules of Punctuation.

Nations of the World.

World City Populations.

U.S. States.

U.S. Cities by Population.

U.S. Metropolitan Core Areas by Population.


Cities of Canada by Population.


Geographical Data:

Continents of the World.

Oceans and Seas of the World by Size.

Largest Lakes of the World.

Longest Rivers of the World.

Hoghest Mountains of the World.

Monetary Units:

Currency Symbols.

Names for Large Numbers.

Roman Numerals.

Books of the Bible.


American Sign Language (ASL).

Commonly Used Weights and Measures.

Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

Alphabetical List of the Chemical Elements.

Geologic Time Chart.

Astronomical Data:

The Brightest Stars.

The 88 Constellations.

Planets of the Solar System.


Beaufort Scale.

Hurricane Damage Potential Scale.

Tornado Damage Potential Scale.

Richter Scale for the Comparative Magnitude of Earthquakes.

Modified Mercalli Scale for Earthquake Destructiveness.

Presidents of the United States.

The Declaration of Independence.

Constitution of the United States.

Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.