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This practical, easy-to-use guide to construction safety gives builders and contractors just what they need to ensure the safety of their staff and the security of their business. Builders can educate their crew and themselves about necessary safety techniques and emergency procedures, and avoid the high cost of delays and fines for not maintaining a safe job site. It covers accident prevention and emergency procedures. It includes ready-to-copy forms including safety audit documents and it gives builders tips on how to use safety to promote their business.

Part 1: Basic Principles of Safety Management. A Safety Model. Safe and Unsafe Behavior. Near-Miss and First-Aid Incidents. Recordable Injuries, Illnesses, and Recordkeeping. OSHA and Safety Management.
Part 2: Setting Up an Effective Safety Management System. Your Company Safety Policy. Management Support. Employee Involvement. Safety Training. Incident Investigations. Safety Audits. General Safety Rules. Correcting At-Risk Behavior. Reinforcing Safe Behavior. Ergonomics. Safe Job Analyses. First-Aid/Responder Arrangements.
Part 3: Personal Protective Equipment. Head Protection. Eye, Face, and Respiratory Protection. Hearing Protection. Hand Protection. Body and Foot Protection. Fall Protection.
Part 4: Recognizing and Dealing with Jobsite Conditions and Hazards. Slips, Trips, and Falls. Housekeeping. Hazardous Energy Control. Hazard Communication. Confined-Space Entry. Fire Protection. Tools and Equipment. Stairways, Ladders, and Scaffolding. Signs, Signals, Barricades, and Tags. Material Handling. Mobile Equipment. Excavations, Trenches, and Landscaping. Weather. Critters. Site Security. Individual Trades and Their Hazards.
Part 5: Using Safety to Promote Your Business. Providing Safety Expertise, Services, and Products. Seeking Advice from Safety Experts. Presenting Your Successes.
Residential and light commercial contractors.