Dangerous goods regulations (IATA) (54th Ed.)
Effective 1- January-31 December 2013

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Recognized by airlines worldwide, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) is THE industry standard for shipping dangerous goods by air. It is the most complete, up-to-date and user-friendly reference manual trusted by the industry for over 50 years. Maintaining compliance with the latest regulations is critical for safely shipping dangerous goods by air. The DGR draws from the industry’s most trustworthy cargo sources to help you classify, pack, mark, label, and document shipments of dangerous goods. The DGR includes international dangerous goods air regulations, as well as state and airline requirements. It is an invaluable resource in ensuring you have all the information you need to ship safely and in compliance, at your fingertips. Changes forthcoming in 2013 will have a direct impact on all involved in the transport of dangerous goods by air, including: Changes in the provisions for dangerous goods permitted in passenger and crew checked and/or carry-on baggage. Additional provisions for dangerous goods in excepted quantities to permit "de minimis” quantities. Revisions to the regulatory requirements regarding lithium batteries. Updates to the list of dangerous goods (blue pages). Numerous additions and changes to Special Provisions . New and updated Packing Instructions Changes applicable to the creation of the NOTOC. Amendments to the Glossary, including a revision to the definition of “net quantity”