Biofuel Cropping Systems
Carbon, Land and Food

Coordinators: Langeveld Hans, Dixon John, van Keulen Herman

Language: Anglais

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Choosing appropriate practices and policies for biofuel production requires an understanding of how soils, climate, farm types, infrastructure, markets and social organisation affect the establishment and performance of these crops. The book highlights land use dynamics, cultivation practices related to conversion and wider impacts. It explores how biofuel production chain development is steered by emerging technologies and management practices and how both can be influenced by effective policies designed to encourage sustainable biofuel production.

The book highlights major biofuel production chains including:

  • cane cultivation in Brazil
  • corn ethanol in the USA
  • wheat and rapeseed in Europe
  • oil palm in the Far East
  • cane in Asia and Africa
  • SRC and other lignocellulosic crops.

In each case the development, cropping systems and impacts are discussed, system dynamics are shown and lessons drawn for the way things could or should change.

Biofuel Cropping Systems is a vital resource for all those who want to understand the way biofuels are produced and how they impact other elements of society and especially how improvements can be made. It is a handbook for students, biofuel producers, researchers and policymakers in energy and agriculture.


Part 1: Biofuels, Land and Carbon: An Introduction  1. General Introduction: Biofuels and their Role in Cropping Systems  2. Land Cover and Land Use 3.Input Use and Crop Production 4. Assesing Greenhouse Gas Emissions  5. Land Rights, Legal Issues and Social Impacts of Biomass Production Part 2: Biofuels in Practice: Crop Production Systems Around the Globe  6. Biofuel Production in Brazil  7. Biofuel Production in the USA  8. Biofuel Production in the EU 9.Sugarbeet Ethanol in the EU 10. Oilpalm diesel in the Far East 11. Biofuel Production in Southern Africa  12. Biofuel Production in China  13.Lignocellulosic Crops  14. Biomass production from Waste Agricultural Biomass  15.Impact on Land and Biomass Availability  16: Outlook