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Dear Visitor,
You will find below the essential information needed for browsing our website. If you require further help, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk by email or by telephoning, we will be pleased to assist you (Tel: 33 (0)1 47 40 67 98).

Overview of the Lavoisier Bookseller website

On you can search, select and place orders for the books you require from a catalogue of over one million of titles. The titles we list relate almost exclusively to science, technology and medicine. Our only incursions into the social sciences cover economics, management and law titles in reponse to the demand from our customers. However, if it is literary works you are looking for, this website is not intended for you!

Quick search

Our quick search engine, located on the home page, stays visible throughout your visit in the top part of the browser's window. You can use it at any time by entering one or more keywords (word(s) from the title or author(s) name ), or the ISBN.

Click on OK to start the search.

If the quick search finds a high number of results (of which only the first 250 will be displayed), enter two words from the title and this should be enough, but avoid using general terms like dictionary, handbook, etc.

Advanced search

Select a subject heading (or subheading) by clicking on it. Enter a keyword(s). Then tick the "exact word search" box if you are sure of the keyword or author's name you have entered (e.g. by entering export, both exporting and exports will be ommitted, but they will be included if this box is not ticked). Specify also if book descriptions and synopses should be part of the search (this affects about 100,000 titles) by ticking the appropriate box.

Click on GO to start the search.

Please note that the more complex the search criteria, the longer the search will take.

Search results

If the search returns an exact match, the book description will automatically be displayed. This will always be the case when searching by ISBN or Lavoisier reference number.

Where more than one title matches the search, a list will be displayed. Click on a title to open up the detailed description. Click on the author's name to obtain a list of other titles by the same author. However if there is only one title by that author, the detailed description of that title will be displayed automatically.

The amount of detail included in the description will vary according to the information available to us or which we have been able to generate. The descriptions will assist you to select titles by giving author(s), title, availability, language, subject, price, publication date, format, jacket scan, description, contents, etc.

Prices are shown as firm, approximate or unknown. Where a price is shown as approximate, this is because it has not recently been updated (which may not necessarily mean that the actual price is a lot higher, but that the publishers have not given us an up-to-date price). If the price is shown as unknown, you can send us a price enquiry by email. We will then contact the publishers to obtain a price (the time taken to get back to you will depend on how quickly the publishers respond).

Selecting books using the basket

If you are interested in a particular title, slip it into the basket by clicking on the trolley displayed alongside. If there is no trolley shown in the results list or below a book description, this means that the book is no longer available for sale.

You can view the contents of your basket at any time from the menu on display. You can remove a title by clicking the bin, or change the quantity, recalculate the total, or return to the description by clicking the title.

The basket stores the various titles selected until the order is placed, unless you decide to empty it.

Ordering the titles selected

Once you have selected some titles and the appropriate quantities, all you need to do is click the order button. You will then be asked for your details including a delivery address (if different from the invoice address). Delivery will be to the country of your choice. You can choose to save your details by using your email address and a password you specify to avoid having to re-enter the customer details the next time you place an order.

Tell us how you would like the order to be despatched (by standard or express service).

To facilitate the administration of your orders, it is possible for you to enter an internal reference as well as instructions for our attention on each line of the order. Your order reference will obviously be repeated on the invoice.

If you would like to order a book where the price is approximate or unknown, you can set a price limit not to be exceeded. The price limit is set by default at 20% above the approximate price or at 80 € if the price is unknown. You can change the price to one which suits you. We always undertake to charge the actual price of the of title even if it is below the price limit set by you.

For instance, if you have selected a title with an approximate price of 70 € and you set a price limit of 80 €, the sale will go through if the price is actually 75 €, but if the actual price is 81 €, the order will be cancelled without affecting the remainder of the order.

Selecting the method of payment

On you can choose to pay by any of the following :

  • by credit card. Payments are processed by secure transaction using the SSL standard, the most secure standard on the market.
  • by entering your customer number if you already have an account with us.
  • by cash on delivery (a supplement of 6.50 € will be payable).
  • by cheque drawn on a French bank or by bank transfer. For this purpose, you can raise a Proforma invoice which you should print. Please remember to include the number of the document when making your payment, otherwise it will not be possible to allocate it and to, therefore, process your order.

An order number is then issued whatever method of payment has been selected. Please make a note of it as this will help with any follow-up.