Modern Soil Microbiology, Third Edition (3rd Ed.)

Coordinators: van Elsas Jan Dirk, Trevors Jack T., Soares Rosado Alexandre, Nannipieri Paolo

Language: Anglais
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Over the last decade, the study of soil microbiology has undergone significant changes. This book presents aspects of soil microbiology and various methodological developments in the field. Topics range from the fundamental to the applied and describe the use of novel advanced methods. Keeping in line with its predecessors, this text encompasses details of biotechnology, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, and physiology; and makes use of biochemical and biophysical approaches. Several new chapters include biocontrol and plant growth promotion; nitrogen fixing inoculants; heavy metals and microbes in soil; pathogens in soil; water deficits; and biosensors to monitor soil toxicity.

Basic Chapters. The Soil Physical and Chemical Environment. Soil as an "Island" Environment for Microbial Life. The Rhizosphere as a Habitat. Microbial Diversity in Soil. The Bacteria in Soil. The Fungi in Soil. The Viruses in Soil. Horizontal Gene Transfer and Microevolution in Soil. Protozoa and other Protista in Soil. Microbial Interactions in Soil. Plant-Associated Bacteria. Microorganisms Cycling Soil Nutrients and their Diversity. Soil Microbial Communities and Global Climate Change. Modern Methodology and Approaches. Methods to Detect and Quantify Bacteria in Soil and Rhizosphere. Molecular Community Fingerprinting Techniques. Metagenomics of Soil Communities. Transcriptomics of Soil Communities. Proteomics of Soil Communities. Stable Isotope Probing. Cultivating the as-yet Unculturables – New Methods to Recover Microbial Organisms from Soil. Statistical Methods and Bioinformatics Pipelines of Soil Analysis. Applied Aspects of Soil Microbiology. Soil Suppressiveness to Plant Diseases. Biocontrol and Plant Growth Promotion. Nitrogen Fixing Inoculants, Land Use Practices, and Soil Sustainability. Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Polluted Soil. Heavy Metals and Microbes in Soil. Transport and Survival of Pathogens in Soil. Water Deficits and Soil Microbiology. Molecular Methods and the New Soil Microbiology. Biosensors to Monitor Soil Toxicity. Economic and Soil Impacts of Soil Microorganisms.