Nuclei in the Cosmos XV, 1st ed. 2019
Springer Proceedings in Physics Series, Vol. 219

Coordinators: Formicola Alba, Junker Matthias, Gialanella Lucio, Imbriani Gianluca

Language: Anglais

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· 15.5x23.5 cm · Hardback
These peer-reviewed NIC XV conference proceedings present the latest major advances in nuclear physics, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmochemistry and neutrino physics, which provide the necessary framework for a microscopic understanding of astrophysical processes. The book also discusses future directions and perspectives in the various fields of nuclear astrophysics research. In addition, it also includes a limited number of section of more general interest on double beta decay and dark matter.

Cosmology and big bang nucleosynthesis.- Stellar contributions to the chemical evolution, hydrostatic and explosive nucleosynthesis.- Neutrino and nucleus interaction in the cosmos.- Physics of nuclei far from stability.- Synthesis of heavy elements.- Direct observation of nucleosynthesis in stars.- Study of extra terrestrial materials.- Nucleosynthesis in extreme environments.- Techniques, tools and facilities for nuclear astrophysics.- Nuclear data for astrophysical applications.- Special topic: particle astrophysics and rare events in cosmos.