A Nanoscale Approach for Glycan Analysis, Enrichment, and Medical Use

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Glycomics (a comprehensive study of glycans, often denoted as the third alphabet of molecular biology, besides nucleic acids and proteins) relies the techniques that use heavy machinery, such as mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, and capillary electrophoresis. The use of biosensors and biochips for glycan analysis offers the possibility of lower costs, lower time and sample consumption, and ease of use. This highly interdisciplinary book introduces students, researchers, and beginning professors to the broad scope of this area, including the basics of nanotechnology and materials science, glycomics, and bioanalytical chemistry, as well as several historical facts and contexts and future perspectives. The introductory chapters are utilized in the book later for the state-of-the-art chapters on glycan-based diagnostics and imaging, enrichment techniques, and therapy, which makes this book unique and of great interest to a wide audience. The authors are skilled specialists and research scientists with many years of experience in this area and former investigators on a prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant.

Introductory Nanotechnology: What Is So Special about the Nanoscale?  Introduction to Glycomics and Glycan Analysis. Bioanalytical Methods.  Functional Nanomaterials in Sensing and Biosensing Applications . Simulation of Different Biosensors using MatLab.  Self-Assembled Monolayers for Surface Modification.  Introduction to Glycan Enrichment Using Nanomaterials. Glyconanobiotechnology for Medical Applications.

Tomáš Bertók is a research scientist and a supervisor for PhD studies at the Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), Slovakia.