Housing Fit For Purpose
Performance, Feedback and Learning


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Housing Fit for Purpose sets out a research-focused approach to looking at the challenges facing the built environment in approaching the design, construction and management of housing. This book uses original research by the author on housing performance evaluation and distils it for built environment professionals, arguing that learning from feedback should be taking place at every stage of the housing project lifecycle, improving outcomes for end users. Drawing on active research, this book shows why and how the design, construction and management of housing can be linked to feedback and actual evidence of how people choose, and learn, to use their homes. It examines the key concepts which underlie participatory design, occupancy feedback and learning, and includes a practical primer on how to undertake housing occupancy feedback.

Part 1: Background  Part 2: Learning From Feedback  Part 3: Training For Feedback Part 4: Application And Case Studies  Part 5: Challenges For Future, Primer – How to do housing BPE