Theatres: Planning Guidance for Design and Adaptation


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The need for people to get together and enjoy live entertainment exists in every culture. No city, town or college is complete without its places of assembly. The form that these buildings takes varies enormously, but they all have certain principles in common, whatever their scale and regardless of whether they are new buildings or conversions or refurbishment of old premises. Drawing on a wealth of expertise, this illustrated book, produced in conjunction with the Association of British Theatre Technicians, examines in detail each function and requirement of a theatre building and gives technical guidance on achieving the best results.
Preface, Introduction, Type and size of theatre, Design of auditorium, Sightlines, Acoustics, Safety, Exits and means of escape, Seating layout and sfaety regulations, Legislation, Stage planning, Stage scenery, Stage lighting, Sound installations, Communications, Film projection, Control rooms, Performers' accommodation and rehersal space, Performance organisation, Production spaces, Public areas, Administration, Electrical and mechanical services, Arts centres and studio theatres, Conference facilities, Restoration of old theatres, Economics, Comparison of theatres, Glossary of stage terms, Bibliography, Index.
Professional and student architects.