Business Transformation through Blockchain, 1st ed. 2019
Volume I

Coordinators: Treiblmaier Horst, Beck Roman

Language: Anglais

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290 p. · 14.8x21 cm · Hardback
This edited collection offers a number of contributions from leading scholars investigating Blockchain and its implications for business. Focusing on the transformation of the overall value chain, the sections cover the foundations of Blockchain, its drivers and barriers, business modelling and a range of examples from industry. Using a number of theoretical and methodological approaches, this innovative publication aims to further the cause of this ground-breaking technology and its use within information technology, supply chain and wider business management research.

Part I: Foundations

1.       Blockchain Economic Networks: Economic Network Theory – Systemic Risk and Blockchain Technology, Melanie Swan

2.       Blockchain Adoption: Technological, Organisational, and Environmental Considerations, Trevor Clohessey, Thomas Acton, Nichola Rogers

3.       Blockchain-Based Decentralized Business Models in the Sharing Economy: A Technology Adoption Perspective, Andranik Tumasjan, Theodor Beutel

4.       Blockchain as a Platform, Florian Glaser, Florian Hawlitschek, Benedikt Notheisen

5.       Blockchain Technology: The Autonomy and Self-Organisation of Cyber-Physical Systems, Ben van Lier

Part II: Finance

6.       Bitcoin and Investment Portfolios, Karl Weinmayer, Stephan Gasser, Alexander Eisl

7.       Blockchain in the Payment Industry: Developing a Discussion Agenda Based on Pain Points and Opportunities, Friedrich Holotiuk, Jürgen Moormann, Francesco Pisani

8.       Blockchain Initial Coin Offerings: Blockchain’s Implications for Crowdfunding, Laurin Arnold, Martin Brennecke, Patrick Camus, Gilbert Fridgen, Tobias Guggenberger, Sven Radszuwill, Alexander Rieger, André Schweizer, Nils Urbach

9.       Insurance under the Blockchain Paradigm, Paolo Tasca, Guangbo Zhang

Horst Treiblmaier is Professor and Head of the Department of International Management at MODUL University Vienna, Austria. Previously, he was a Visiting Professor at Purdue University, UCLA and UBC. His work has appeared in journals such as Information Systems Journal, Structural Equation Modeling, Journal of Business Economics, Information & Management, Communications of the AIS, Journal of Electronic Commerce ResearchSchmalenbach Business Review and DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems. He serves as an AE at AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction. His research interests include Blockchain, gamification, Physical Internet, e-commerce and methodological issues in social science research.

Roman Beck is Professor of IT Management and Leadership at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His research spans the area of Information Systems, focusing on Services Science, IT Leadership and e-finance, including business processes, innovative information and communication systems. He has published in international journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of Information Technology and Electronic Markets, and contributed to a number of international conferences in the area of Information Systems. 
Marks the first definitive collection on the business implications of Blockchain
Details the foundations of Blockchain, from economic networks to cyber-physical systems

Offers perspectives of different industries in discussions of blockchain and finance, such as the payment industry and insurance