CDMA cellular mobile communications and network security


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Introduction to cellular CDMA. Elements required for CDMA channel operation. Reverse CDMA channel. Forward CDMA channel. Mobile station call processing. Base station call processing. Brief survey of one-way hash functions and message digest. Authentication, secrecy and identification. Reverse W-CDMA channel. Forward W-CDMA channel.

1. Introduction to Cellular CDMA.

CDMA Cell Coverage. Structural Layout of CDMA Channels. Characteristics and Functions of CDMA Channel Link. Call Processing. Authentication and Message Confidentiality. Wideband CDMA Channels.

2. Elements Required for CDMA Channel Operation.

Convolutional Encoding. Block Interleaving. Orthogonal Spreading Using Walsh Functions. Direct Sequence Spreading. QPSK and Offset QPSK Modulation. Long Code Generation. Data Scrambling. CDMA Code Channel Quadrature Spreading. Orthogonal Channelization Among All Code Channels. Authentication and Privacy.

3. Reverse CDMA Channel.

Access Channel. Reverse Traffic Channel.

4. Forward CDMA Channel.

Forward Code Channels. Pilot Channel. Sync Channel. Paging Channel. Forward Traffic Channel.

5. Mobile Station Call Processing.

Mobile Station Initialization State. Mobile Station Idle State. System Access State. Mobile Station Control on The Traffic Channel State.

6. Base Station Call Processing.

Pilot and Sync Channel Processing. Paging Channel Processing. Access Channel Processing. Traffic Channel Processing. Traffic Channel Initialization Substate. Waiting for Order Substate. Waiting for Answer Substate. Conversation Substate. Release Substate. Registration. Handoff Procedures.

7. Brief Survey of One-Way Hash Functions and Messge Digest.

One-Way Function for Crypto-Algorithm. Message Digest Algorithms for Authentication Data.

8. Authentication, Secrecy, and Identification.

Mobile Station Identification Number. Electronic Serial Number (ESN). Authentication. Authentication of Mobile Station Registrations. Unique Challenge-Response Procedures. Authentication of Mobile Station Originations. Authentication of Mobile Station Terminations. SSD Update. Signaling Message Encryption. Voice Privacy. Authentication Algorithm. SSD Generation. Message Encryption and Security.

9. Reverse W-CDMA Channel.

Reverse Traffic Channel. Reverse Information Channel (RIC). Reverse Signaling Channel (RSC). Reverse Pilot Channel. Access Channel.

10. Forward W-CDMA Channel.

Pilot Channel. Sync Channel. Paging Channel. Forward Traffic Channel (FTC).

This book focuses on network security for wireless systems.