Electric motor handbook


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Terminology and definitions. Principles of electric motors. Polyphase induction motors. Practical horsepower induction motors. Phyphase synchronous motors. DC motors. Subfractional horsepower motors. AC motors drives. DC motor drives. Special motors.
Electric Motors J. Kirtley. Terminoloy and Definitions N. Ghai. Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Forces and Loss Mechanisms J. Kirtley. Induction Motors J. Kirtley and N. Ghai. Synchronous Motors J. Kirtley and N. Ghai. Permanent Magnet-Synchronous (Brushless) Motors J. Kirtley.n Direct Current Motors J. Kirtley and N. Ghai. Other Types of Electric Motors and Related Apparatus J. Kirtley. Motor Noise and Product Sound R. Lyon. Servomechanical Power-Electronic Motor Drives S. Leeb.
This handbook provides a full range of information on electric motors used in a variety of consumer, industrial, and commercial applications. It covers data on sizes, shapes, performance, electrical and mechanical parameters, protection, and other factors involved in motor selection and application. All types of motors are covered, from the smallest used in computers in CD players to the largest used in manufacturing industries.