Structural renovation of buildings


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Subject for Structural renovation of buildings

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Major building materials included. Seismic upgrades and fire damage renovations. Highly illustrated to supplement the text.
Chapter 1: The Challenge of Renovation. Chapter 2: Investigating of Existing Conditions. Chapter 3: Renovation of Steel-Framed Buildings. Chapter 4: Strengthening of Concrete Buildings. Chapter 5: Repairing Deteriorated Concrete. Chapter 6: Renovating Slabs on Grade. Chapter 7: Renovating Post-Tensioned Concrete. Chapter 8: Renovating Wood Structures. Chapter 9: Renovating Masonry. Chapter 10: Renovating Metal Building Systems. Chapter 11: Strengthening Lateral-Load Resisting Systems. Chapter 12: Case Studies in Seismic Upgrading. Chapter 13: Renovating Building Facades.