Computer literacy for IC3, Unit 1 (2nd Ed.)


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Computer Literary for IC3 was written to align with a certification called Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3). This certification is for users who want to demonstrate critical computer and Internet skills valued in today's academic and professional environments. The Computer Literacy for IC3 text is written to meet the certification standards and provide students with a broad understanding of the key components of computer literacy in order to prepare for the exam. This certification has 3 units: Unit 1: Computing Fundamentals (computer concepts). Unit 2: Using Productivity Software. Unit 3: Living Online (the Internet). Each of these units is available as a separate Computer Literacy for IC3 text. This text contains: Unit 1: Computing Fundamentals and covers basic computer concepts including computer hardware, computer software, and using an operating system. The second edition of Computer Literacy for IC3 has been revised to keep up with the IC3 program's evolution, which reflects the recent changes in computers and technology. Instead of publishing one large, comprehensive text, the three units are now available as separate, smaller texts.
Chapter 1: Identifying Types of Computers. Chapter 2: Identifying Computer Components and Their Functions. Chapter 3: Maintain Computer Equipment. Chapter 4: Identifying Software and Hardware Interaction and Types of Software. Chapter 5: Using an Operating System. Chapter 6: Using Windows.