LEGO Wind Energy, 1st ed.
Green Energy Projects with Mindstorms EV3


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148 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Paperback
?Build functioning wind turbines that generate electricity; we don?t mean LEGO models that look like miniature wind turbines. This book is for people who want to learn how real turbines work, and to build them using LEGO and Mindstorms EV3. 

You?ll find specific instructions on building, links to parts purchasing, distillation of complex science ideas into practice, and pointers for trying something new. With the knowledge you gain here, you?ll be able to compete in turbine design competitions, such as the KidWind Challenge, Collegiate Wind Competition, and locally organized contests. Examples are given that fit within the KidWind Challenge, including adherence to rules of the competition such as that a specific generator be used.

The complexity of making a wind turbine a can make it difficult to know where to start. This book addresses many aspects of the turbine with practical examples. You'll follow specific design instructions for turbine construction, supported by suggestions and background science to go in new directions. Assembly diagrams are used throughout, made with the Studio utility from Parts are identified in the assembly diagram, as well as in parts lists in the Appendix.

What You'll Learn
  • Build a turbine from scratch
  • Use LEGO to learn aspects of electrical engineering, such as loading turbine output and impedance matching
  • Connect a generator to do useful things such as charging a battery or powering LEDs 
  • See how generators, gear systems, aerodynamic blades, lab and outdoor testing, and power output are used.

Who This Book Is For

Adult fans of LEGO and hardware hackers. Also coaches or students involved in a school science/technology project or design competition.
Chapter 1: The Generator 

Putting a Generator to Use 

Non-LEGO Generators 

Generator Wire Connections 


Chapter 2: The Gearbox 

Gearing Up 

Compound Gears 

Practical Considerations 


Chapter 3: The Vertical Axis Turbine 

The Generator Mount 

The Gearbox Frame 

The Rotor 

Final Assembly 

Mount for KidWind Generator 


Chapter 4: Airfoil Blades 

Wrapping in Duct Tape 

Design Ideas 


Chapter 5: The Horizontal Axis Turbine 

The Generator Mount 

Rotor and Blade Attachment 

Final Assembly 

Mount for KidWind Generator 


Chapter 6: Measuring Performance 

LEGO-Based Meter 

Assessing Turbine Performance 

Relationship Between Power and Energy 

Automated Energy Measurement 


Chapter 7: Steering into the Wind 

Final Assembly 

Outdoor Testing


Chapter 8: Powering Things 

Charging a Battery 


Chapter 9: A Dual-Rotor Turbine 

Electrical Connection 


Chapter 10: A Pneumatic Generator 

Pneumatic Connection 


Appendix: Parts Lists 



Grady Koch emphasizes building things from LEGO that can be applied to practical use in science, engineering, or security.  He is the author of LEGO Optics:  Projects in Optical and Laser Science with LEGO, High-Tech LEGO: Projects in Science, Engineering, and Spycraft with Technic and Mindstorms EV3, and Secrets of Eli’s LEGO Collection.  He also writes for and runs, which features various LEGO technology projects. His day job since 1987 has been as a research engineer with NASA Langley Research Center. There he works with technology for remote sensing atmospheric phenomena.  He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering.  And he holds three patents in the field of wind measurements with lidar.
Move beyond robotics with Technic and Mindstorms EV3

Experiment with alternate, green energy

Compete in wind turbine design competitions with unique projects based in LEGO