The year 2000 software crisis: the continuing challenge


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Year 200 update. Strategy update. Legal issues and protections. Non-IT equipment. Factories, outsourcing and services. Tool and techniques updates. Testing in a constrained environment. Contingency planning and triage. Transition plans : surviving the inevitable. Postmortem.

1.Year 2000 Progress Update.

Year 2000 Update.

Studies Paint Disconcerting Picture.

The Real Story.

Where Is the Sense of Urgency?

Coming to Grips with Reality: Look at the Details.

Media Update.

The Year 2000 Myth?

Silver Bullets Abound.

Extremists Hurt the Cause.

Business Problem Requires Business Solution.

Industry by Industry Status.


Securities Firms.





Utilities and Energy.

Health Care, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical.

Service Industries.

Small to Mid-Size Companies.

Government Update.

U.S. Federal Government.

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

U.S. State Governments.

U.S. Local Governments.

Schools and Universities.

International Update.



Pacific Rim/Japan.

Other Regions of the World.

Worldwide Economic Impacts.

2.Strategy Update: Shift to Risk Mitigation.

It's Late in the Game, Now What?

Achieving Full Scale Deployment.

The Declining Options Picture.

Running Out of Time: Alternative Strategies.

Launching Parallel Activities.

Year 2000 Business Risk Assessment.

Begin Fixing Five Most Critical Systems Now!

Solidify Systems Inventory.

Identify Data Interchange Points.

Identify and Document External Entities.

Document Business Functions.

Relate Systems to Business Functions.

Relate External Data Interfaces to Business Functions.

Relate External Entities to Business Functions.

Identify Event Horizons.

Identify Revenue- or Customer-Related Risks.

Identify Legal and/or Regulatory Risk.

Prioritize Remediation and Testing Projects.

Prioritize Business End-User-Driven Projects.

Evolving Application Package Options.

Vendor Has Delivered Compliant System.

Vendor Fixed the System, But It Is Still Not Compliant.

Vendor Is Fixing System, But Delivery Times Misses the Compliance Deadline.

Vendor Refuses to Provide Compliance Status.

Vendor Is Not Going to Fix the System.

Strategies for the Far Behind.

Targeting to Reduce Risk.

'Safe' Corner Cutting.

Unacceptable Corner Cutting.

Launch Top Five Priority Remediation Projects.

Beating the Clock in 1998 and 1999.

3.Legal Issues and Protections.

Why You Should Care About This Legal Stuff.

Minimizing Costs and Exposure.

Contract Issues.

Disclosure Obligations.

Company Statements.

Tax Law Issues.

Internal Risk Management.

Vendor Considerations.

Certification Letters.

Supply Chain/Partner Issues.

The Paper Trail.


Government Aspects.

Regulatory Agencies.


State Government.

Other Legal Aspects.


Offshore Factories.


4.Non-IT Issues and
Despite tremendous attention in the media, most companies and government agencies are not prepared for the impending Y2K crisis. This book discusses the global implications of this problem on governments and private industry-along with various solutions. Solutions address planning and implementation requirements and include various options and approaches.