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Workplace Skills for Success with AutoCAD 2010 takes a layered learning approach and addresses the full spectrum of AutoCAD capabilities. Focusing on tangible skills (not just a lengthy list of AutoCAD commands), it addresses both 2D and 3D techniques within the context of a workplace environment. Designed around the “Draw-Modify-Dimension-Print” cycle, it presents topics in a production based order. Offering numerous projects, assignments, examples and tutorials, it builds skills gradually and draws from the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering and civil engineering throughout.
Unit 1. AutoCAD Introduction and Overview. Unit 2. Creating and Working with AutoCAD Files. Unit 3. Fundamental Drawing and Modifying Commands. Unit 4. Fundamental Viewing and Inquiry Commands. Unit 5. Elementary Dimensioning. Unit 6. Fundamentals of the Plot/Printing Process. Unit 7. Intermediate Drawing and Modifying. Unit 8. Fundamentals of Layers, Groups, and Blocks. Unit 9. Editing with Grips. Unit 10. Tabels, Cells, and Fields Fundamentals. Unit 11. More About AutoCAD Screens and Commands. Unit 12. Advanced drawing and modifying commands. Unit 13. Introduction to 3D modeling. Unit 14. Creating 3D objects. Unit 15. Modifying 3D solid objects. Unit 16. 3D presentations. Unit 17. 3D animations. Unit 18. Plotting 3D models. Unit 19. AutoCAD file formats and raster images. Unit 20. Advanced blocks and attribute operations. Unit 21. The styles of AutoCAD. Unit 22. Internet utilities and operations. Unit 23. Drawing standards.