Crime Scene Processing and Investigation Workbook, Second Edition (2nd Ed.)


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Crime Scene Processing and Investigation Workbook, Second Edition is the only workbook which directly supports and cross-references methodology and terminology presented in Ross Gardner?s best-selling Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigations. The current edition of the textbook remains a standard study reference in the International Association for Identification?s (IAI) Crime Scene Certification program. The workbook serves as supporting material offering hands-on activities to supplement theories and methodologies within the text as well as updated activities to support the new material presented in the Third Edition of the textbook.

As the number of forensic academic programs within the United States continues to grow and the textbook continues to be a standard in the field, the workbook remains in demand for academics, forensic training providers, and law enforcement training programs. The detailed Instructor?s Manual (IM) lends itself not only to experts who have utilized these tasks before but also to the novice and student who may be introduced to these topics in a classroom setting for the first time. The workbook conducts over 30 activities with detailed instructions, concept overviews, and reflective post lab questions. Crime Scene Processing and Investigation Workbook, Second Edition continues to stand alone against other workbooks on the market because of the foundational principles and practical nature of the workbook as well as its direct correlation to Gardner?s textbook.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Understanding the Nature of Physical Evidence

Chapter 3 Actions of the Initial Responding Officer

Chapter 4 Crime Scene Processing Methodology

Chapter 5 Assessing the Scene

Chapter 6 Crime Scene Photography

Chapter 7 Crime Scene Sketching and Mapping

Chapter 8 Narrative Descriptions: Crime Scene Notes and Reports

Chapter 9 Basic Techniques in Crime Scene Processing - Light Technology

Chapter 10 Basic Techniques in Crime Scene Processing - Recovering Fingerprints

Chapter 11 Basic Techniques in Crime Scene Processing - Casting

Chapter 12 Shooting Scene Documentation and Reconstruction

Chapter 13 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Chapter 14 The Body as a Crime Scene

Chapter 15 Special Scene Considerations

Chapter 16 Crime Scene Analysis