Law and the Passions
A Discrete History


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Although the connection of law, passion and emotion has become an established focus in legal scholarship, the extent to which emotion has always been, and continues to be, a significant influence in informing legal reasoning, decision-making, decision-avoidance and legal judgment ? rather than an adjunct ? is still a matter for critical analysis. Engaging with the underlying social context in which emotional states are a motivational force ? and have produced key legal principles and controversial judgments, as evidenced in a range of illustrative legal cases ? Law and the Passions: A Discrete History provides a uniquely inclusive commentary on the significance and influence of emotions in the history and continuing development of legal institutions and legal dogma. Law, it is argued, is a passion; and, as such, it is a primarily emotional endeavour.


Introduction; 1. Law, aesthetics and social relations; 2: Law as hate; 3: Law as fear; 4: Law as shame; 5: Law as compassion; 6: Law as love; Conclusion