Practical Military Ordnance Identification, Second Edition (2nd Ed.)
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The threat variables associated with military ordnance are enormous, requiring the application of a structured process to identify unknown munitions. The focus of Practical Military Ordnance Identification, Second Edition is the application of a practical deductive process to identify unknown ordnance items that are commonly recovered outside military control.

The author supplies a seven-step procedure to identify unknown munitions by their category, group, and type. Detailed logic trees help users narrow down the possibilities in order to accurately identify ordnance. The book covers the safety precautions associated with each category and group of ordnance. It describes many ordnance construction characteristics and explains the fundamentals of military ordnance fuzing. Appendices define terms and supply abbreviations and acronyms used to describe military ordnances.

Coverage new to this edition include: a list of conventional markings; additional safety precautions to take; an expanded list of high explosives; additional technical details on explosives effects; hazards associated with pyrotechnics, pyrophorics, smoke compounds, and incendiaries; a section on pre-1870 projectiles, hand grenades, landmines, underwater ordnances, and rockets; and details on Man-Portable-Air-Defense-Systems (MANPADS) missile systems.

1. Overview of Energetics Associated with Ordnance  2. Fundamentals of a Practical Process  3. Fuze Functioning  4. Projectiles  5. Grenades (Hand, Rifle & Projected) Chapter 6: Bombs & Aerial Dispensers  7. Rockets8. Guided Missiles  9.: Submunitions  10. Landmines  11. Chemical Ordnance  12. Underwater Ordnance Chapter 13: Black Powder Filled Ordnance Chapter 14: Closing List of Appendices  Appendix A. Logic Trees  Appendix B. Abbreviations  Appendix C. Definitions of Ordnance Related Terms  Appendix D. Explosives  Appendix E. English – Metric Conversion Chart  Appendix F. References