Research Methodologies for International Human Rights Law
Beyond the traditional paradigm

Routledge Research in Human Rights Law Series

Coordinators: Gonzalez-Salzberg Damian, Hodson Loveday

Language: Anglais
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The study and teaching of international human rights law is dominated by the doctrinal method. A wealth of alternative approaches exists, but they tend to be discussed in isolation from one another. This collection focuses on cross-theoretical discussion that brings together an array of different analytical methods and theoretical lenses that can be used for conducting research within the field. As such, it provides a coherent, accessible and diverse account of key theories and methods. A distinctive feature of this collection is that it adopts a grounded approach to international human rights law, through demonstrating the application of specific research methods to individual case studies. By applying the approach under discussion to a concrete case it is possible to better appreciate the multiple understandings of international human rights law that are missed when the field is only comprehended though the doctrinal method. Furthermore, since every contribution follows the same uniform structure, this allows for fruitful comparison between different approaches to the study of our discipline.

1. Introduction: human rights research beyond the doctrinal approach

Dr Damian A. Gonzalez-Salzberg (University of Sheffield) & Dr Loveday Hodson (University of Leicester)

2. A Marxist approach to R.M.T. v the United Kingdom

Dr Robert Knox (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)

3. A feminist approach to Alyne da Silva Pimentel Teixeira (deceased) v Brazil

Dr Loveday Hodson (Associate Professor, University of Leicester)

4. A postmodern approach to Elisabeta Dano v Jobcenter Leipzig

Dr Bal Sokhi-Bulley (Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex)

5. A queer approach to the Advisory Opinion 24/2017

Dr Damian Gonzalez-Salzberg (Lecturer, University of Sheffield)

6. A legal pluralistic approach to The Bakassi peninsula case

Dr Jennifer Hendry (Associate Professor, University of Leeds)

7. A geographical approach to The Moiwana Community v Suriname

Dr Ana Zavala-Guillen (Attorney, Attorney General’s Office - Office of the Prosecutor, Argentina)

8. A historical approach to Chagos Islanders v the United Kingdom

Dr Henry Jones (Assistant Professor, University of Durham)

9. A political approach to Lautsi and others [GC] v Italy

Dr Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis (Lecturer, University of York)

10. An anthropological approach to MSS v Belgium and Greece

Prof Marie-Bénédicte Dembour (Professor, University of Brighton)

11. Afterword

Prof Conor Gearty (Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science)